The ultimate tool to help both writers and readers unlock the magic of their literary world. Our innovative tracker offers a user-friendly platform to monitor and visualize your reading habits, track the books you’ve devoured, delve into genres and moods, and even set your reading pace. Let’s explore the key categories and features that make this tracker your literary companion:

Reading Habits Overview:

The heart of the Author/Readers Tracker is its intuitive dashboard, providing you with an instant snapshot of your reading habits. See the number of books read, the time spent, and your reading pace over time. Watch your literary journey unfold graphically, and get inspired to dive into new adventures.

Books Read:

Easily catalog your books, e-books, and audiobooks. Add titles, authors, and publication dates to keep a digital record of your literary conquests. Never again wonder, "Have I read that book?" Your virtual library is at your fingertips.

Reading Goals:

Set reading goals that inspire you. Whether it's a challenge to read a certain number of books each month or to explore a specific genre, our tracker helps you stay motivated and accountable.

Genre and Mood Exploration

Explore the world of literature like never before. Our tracker lets you categorize books by genre, from mystery to romance, and tag them with moods like adventurous, heartwarming, or thought-provoking. Uncover patterns in your reading preferences and discover new genres and moods to explore.

Statistics and Graphics:

Our tracker takes data visualization to the next level. Graphically analyze your reading habits, genre preferences, mood trends, and pace evolution over time. Spot the moments when you devoured books, identify your go-to genres, and track how your reading speed varies seasonally.

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